"Paint like a fiend when the idea possesses you." - Robert Henri


Acrylic, Wax, Ink on canvas






W 36 x H 36 inch

What is the balance between the head and the heart and what is their conversation?

When we evaluate any form of art or design, we usually judge in the same way we judge human qualities, both aesthetically & emotionally. I ask, Is this piece honest? How does it make me feel? Am I using the right conceptual 'tone & voice' in this image? Is it what I want to communicate? Do i Should I let it live or paint over it? Does it stand alone? Does it tell a story?

Why Stimulant?

This diverse style includes hard-edged painting, characterized by abrupt transitions between different colour spaces and ink stain painting perimeters. Diluted paint soaks into the canvas on each layer. Stimulant was created by unmodulated mixed colours of black & white and at least 50 other mixed pigments, imbuing associations, whether symbolic or spiritual, and finalized in transcendental aspirations of Abstract Expressionism into a visual stimulating harmony.

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