I am
Robert Saffer

"To be relevant in today’s mainstream art world by creating impactful & symbolistic abstract expressionist canvasses; forming an essential truth that can both be commercially presented and valued forever by the individual buyer."

My name is Robert Saffer, and I’ve been painting professionally for 10 years in Toronto, Canada.

My works primarily fall into the categories of abstract expressionism, modern contemporary, and symbolistic art.

My vision for the future is to be represented internationally in contemporary galleries, museums, art exposes, and street installations. While also being acquired in personal and commercial art collections; from novice art appreciators to more sophisticated collectors and venues, my hope is to maximize accessibility so my visionary tales are widely communicated to Canadians and beyond.


SafferArt through different years

150 Projects finished

Life, like Art needs constant revitalization. As a method of making art, our company constantly looks for ways to incorporate a spontaneous search of an inner truth by allowing the association of inner thoughts and free reign over the creative process.
SafferArt facilitates their free revelation by means of 'automatic' artmanship. Our aim is to invent an art of extreme purity, a contemporary brilliance of a sophisticated colour-sense and field. Modern structures of today's vast art forms; specifically and mostly generated by the abstract symbolist expressionistic modality throughout its place in art history.





Change your

When the creative spark strikes, I know exactly what I'm going to paint.


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