This painting is composed by the steady accumulation of individual paralel marks, some singular, some close enough together to form blocks. Purple brush strokes and a range of violets and greens and reds and oranges are a deliberate application from the chosen palette. These are not colours from the tube, rather pigments mixed with deep thickened whites and blacks to arrange and orchestrate currents of illusion. The direction and signature flow on this life-size self-stretched canvas is almost always vertical and I took extra care in slowing down the natural dripping process; so I could create two paintings in one; the top of the painting with a rough textured edge, the lower more translucent and reflective.


Stretched oil on canvas






60 W x 76 H inches

Colour-Field Painting

This painting is an example of a colour-field painting style; a sample of abstract art in which large areas of unbroken colour are applied on canvas. This method is closely associated with Abstract Expressionism and post-painterly abstraction.


Curiosity of Heart, a life-size painting, also taps into a method used to depict objects so they appear with a similar spatial depth as they do in real life (known as linear perspective). One dimension of an object is relatively shortened at an angle so it appears to recede into the distance.

In Curiosity of Heart, the materials I used are the subjects of this painting. I wanted to emphasize the physical qualities of the oils and pigments; the versatility and plasticity, the endless range of effects, techniques and textures that they can achieve. RJS 21

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